Random Poem #1

O lord where can I hide from your presence?
Where can I be where I can’t be found?
Is there ever a time in heaven where the sun dies out
Where we can’t hear the praiseful sound

When the storm is strong
And the rains are heavy
Your children ask “Were you even there?”
When the flowers are scorched
When the trees are trembling
We still say “Lord I need you here!”

When a breeze of the wind
strokes away the tears
that once streamed down our cheeks
out of emotions of heartache and fear
We beg you for mercy crying out “Please!”

So you stepped down onto earth
You even left your throne
You knew that Jesus died on the cross
But you were the one to take us home

So we trusted you one step at a time
and another step once more
til the day comes when we take the last step further
until we reach heavens door

Facing Fear

I gave up. I didn’t run. I didn’t even hide. I just stood there as fear looked me right in the eye. I stood there as fear wrapped itself around me. I stood there and fear choked the very life out of me. I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t care. Even gasping for air was worthless to me. I didn’t want to live. I took every chance I could to heal. I took every chance I could for my heart to be whole again. But it failed. I failed. I tried to be strong. But sometimes being strong isn’t strong enough.