Anger Arises

Tossing and turning during sleepless nights. She feels the moon light softly burning her skin. She feels the stars sparkle falling upon her as she opened her eyes. Again, she cannot sleep. It had been a weeks time before she realized that she couldn’t understand why. Why her? Why does everyone else around her seem to be happy and moving on with life? Why does everything still seem the same even though people say God has a plan for her? What plan? Was there even a plan? Was there ever a God? Did he exist? Did he love her? As many more questions plagued her mind, she sat up and let out a stressful sigh. What am I doing here? Why am I here? Am I meant to be here or am I an accident? Memories. Too many memories flooding her mind as pecks of tear filled eyes and found its way to her cheeks and then to her lips. She could taste the bitterness but warm tear drops that continuously sunk into her mouth. She closed her eyes once more and laid down to sleep. ¬†She sat up again . Maybe things will change. Maybe they won’t. She couldn’t help but hope for the worst, cause the worst was all she lived. the day she went into hospital. Her heart beat slowly as she fell back into her pillows and fell asleep.

With darkness around

She stands alone in the dark except a dimlight that shines only upon her very being. Surrounded by quietness of suspicion, she can sense all eyes on her. It’s as if she’s on stage and there is an invisible audience watching her every move. Waiting patiently to see her take her next step. The coldness of the air begins to seep in her surroundings. She starts to shiver as she slowly buries her face into her palms. Frustration overtakes her being as she shouts her lungs out “LET ME OUTTA HERE!”. She then falls apart emotionally and looks around, trying to see if there was a way out. But all she could see was pure darkness. Pitch black. With the only sound being the echo of her sobbing & weeping. Water from her eyes fall lightly, dissolving into the ground. She falls to the ground, cuddles her knees near her chest with her face hidden as all hope was truly lost. She was abandoned. She had nothing left but herself in the end. She was all alone.